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Guest Speakers

Awesome guest speakers on my channel. 

You should check them out!

In this video, Dr. Peyam shows us how to use the  ε-δ definition to prove that this limit is equation to 5. 

Dr. P and I first met back in 2006. He is now a visiting assistant professor at UC Irvine. Check out his channel for calc 3, linear algebra and differential equations videos. 

In this video, Fematika shows us how to convert a complex number from the rectangular form to its polar form.

Fematika is the first person who checked my answer to the integral of cbrt(tan(x)) back in 2017. Check out his channel if you are interested in higher-level math such as... you will see. 

In this video, Max shows us how to find a formula for the sum of the first n^2 by using difference equation technique. 

Max was in my calculus 2 class back in 2015. He is currently a math PhD student at UC Berkeley. Check out his channel for calculus 3 help. 

In this video, Oon Han shows us how to integrate these two very similar integrals.

Oon Han was only 10 years old in this video. Not only he has the talent to learn the math, but also the talent to teach the math! I am very happy that I get to know him and have him on my channel!

In this video, Mu Prime Math shows us another substitution for this integral. 

Mu Prime is the winner (by popular votes) of my math video competition. His presentations are very concise and professional. Check out his channel for linear algebra and calculus videos.

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