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All Calc 2 Integration Techniques  The Video

100 Integrals  The Video

100 Series  The Video

10 Integral Battles, elementary vs. non  The Video

26.2 Power Series  The Video

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Judge the problem by its look?

Approximating Integrals

Applications to diff eq

Euler's Method

Polar Graphs

Polar Area


Problem Set #1                               

(due 2/12) So you think you c an take the derivative   videos 

(due 2/12) Integral Battles  videos

(due 3/2) Integration by Parts  videos

(due 3/2) Trig Integrals  videos

(due 3/2) Trig Substitution videos

(due 3/2) Integrations with Partial Fractions  videos

(due 3/2) What Integration Techniques Should I use?  videos

Problem Set #2   (all due 3/25)     

this is due 3/11    videos

Approximating Integrals  videos

Indeterminate Forms & L'Hospital's Rule  videos

Improper Integral  videos

Intro To Differential Equations   videos

Separable Differential Equations    videos

Applications of Differential Equations  videos

Slope field & Euler's Method

Problem Set #3    (all due 5/4)    

Sequence  videos

Intro To Series  videos

p-Series & Integral Test videos 

Direct & Limit Comparison Tests videos 

Alternating Series & Absolute Convergence videos 

Ratio & Root Tests videos 

Best Friend 1/(1-x) & Power Series videos

Other Friends & Taylor Series  videos 


Problem Set #4     (all due 6/1)    

Arc Length & Surface Area (TBA)  videos

Centroid  videos

Work & Hydrostatic Force  videos

Hyperbolic Functions  videos

Parametric Functions  videos

Polar Functions  videos